Digital Marketing (SEO/SEM/Ads)

Looking for some assistance with your digital marketing? Need some help getting up to speed with Social Media? Google Adwords? Newsletter Marketing? Advertising on Social Media platforms?

Google AdWords

Chances are you’ve seen ‘PLENTY’ of examples of businesses using Google AdWords to their advantage to get to the top of their competitors for particular keywords in Google’s ‘search engine’. We can help with this to take away the ‘stress’ and ‘steep learning curve’ to get up to speed with the beast that is, Google Ads.

Facebook Advertising

So you’ve got yourself a Facebook Business Page, you’ve got a bit of a rhythm with posting and keeping your followers updated but maybe you’re not quite converting your efforts into ‘$$$’? We can help with targeted ads using Facebook’s Business platform. We set them up for you and teach you to manage yourself or continue to look after them for you.

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel Creation and Implementation

Ok, you have your website, it looks great… exactly what you were hoping for. Except… It isn’t making any sales! WHY?!

First we need to check under the hood to see ‘what’s happening’, your analytics will show the picture. Do you have enough people hitting the site? Where are they coming from? Are they the right people (right demographics)? Do they stay on the site? Do they engage/contact you? Etc

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is by far the most established business platform when it comes to social media, it also offers the best value for money when it comes to ‘organic reach’. You can also ‘target’ your ideal client, position title, business via ads on LinkedIn. Did you know that you can pay to land in a LinkedIn user’s inbox? Ask us how.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest has a lot of value for products and services that target people that enjoy ‘pin boards’, ‘arts and crafts’, ‘organisation’ and more. The target audience is still very much female dominated, which is great if that’s your target audience. Better still, you can actually target and re-market to your ideal client using their advertising platform and analytics, similar to that of Facebook.

Instagram Advertising

You have a product or service that is ‘visually appealing’, you’re getting good traction on Instagram, how do you convert that into ‘sales’? Maybe you are getting a few sales but you’d like a lot more?

TikTok Advertising

Whilst TikTok definitely has its own ‘target audience’ and generally tends to be younger than Facebook & LinkedIn, it shouldn’t be discounted as a genuine platform to target your ideal client as it is being used more and more to ‘pass the time’ and its ‘reach’ is hands down the best you can find currently.

SEO / SEM (Search Engine Optimisation / Search Engine Marketing)

Now we’ve got that ‘mouthful’ out, what is it? We’re essentially ensuring your website and/or online presence is optimised for a search engine so that both organically and paid services effectively get you in front of your ideal client with their relevant keywords they use to search for your services.

There are an enormous amount of techniques used to do this however the best start is to look at your ‘meta data’ on your website. We assist clients with ‘analysing’ and ‘recommending changes’ to your efforts and/or assist by implementing those required changes, depending on your needs, budget and resources (time).

Newsletter Marketing

Seems like ‘old hat’ to be sending out newsletters but there are genuinely a lot of people that still prefer this method of communication so don’t discount it. The best thing you can do is use clever software to either ‘automate’ and/or ‘track’ the actions of people you are sending your newsletter emails too. It can track when they’ve opened it, how many times, what they clicked on, etc. very helpful for tracking your ROI efforts.

Terms & Conditions
When purchasing from us you are accepting and agreeing to:
Our Terms & Conditions


1. We don’t build on a particular platform of web design, we accept and use all CMS (content management systems) based on what is best for our client. I.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Squarespace, Prestashop, etc.

2. We want you to have control!!! We provide ongoing support but don’t see a lot of value in charging consulting rates to make minor changes and would prefer you guys become self-sufficient so that we can offer real value in helping you with NEW innovative changes that help you towards your objective.

3. We have over 50 years combined experience of web design, marketing & software coding specifically for websites within our team.

*Please note the world of digital marketing moves and changes so quickly, much faster than other industries (much of this is due to the software platforms – Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, etc – pushing updates at least every 6-12 months (Sometimes more frequently), changing algorithms, fixing flaws, adding features, removing functionality, etc). A strategy that worked 3-6 months ago may not work as well or at all in the future. This might not be what you want to hear as it may mean changing strategy every 6 months but it is ‘full transparency’ so you go into a ‘digital marketing agreement’ with your eyes wide-open and proper expectations set.

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